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Welcome cocktail

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9:20 - 11:00
Session 1
Current Developments in Device Simulation: Degeneracy, Arbitrary Density of States and Multi-particle Drift-diffusion
Matthias Auf der Maur
Semiconductor Optimization, Model Hierarchies & Asymptotic Analysis
R. Pinnau
Charge and phonon transport in suspended monolayer graphene
M. Coco, V. Romano

11:00 - 11:20
Coffee break

11:20 - 13:00
Session 2
Model reduction for nonlinear systems – a time-domain moment matching perspective
Tudor Ionescu
A Thermal Extension of Tellinen’s Scalar Hysteresis Model
J. Kühn, A. Bartel, P. Putek
Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Rotating Electrical Machines Taking into Account Boundary Approximation Errors
A. Fohler, W. Zulehner

13:00 - 15:00

15:00 - 17:05
Session 3
Simulation and Model Order Reduction of Power Systems
Sara Grundel
Load Snapshot Based Nonlinear-Input Model Order Reduction of a Thermal Human Tissue Model
O. Jadhav, E. Rudnyi, T. Bechtold
Frequency-domain integrals for stability preservation in model order reduction
R. Pulch
Reduced Order Models for the Simulation of the Saltatory Conduction
R. Barbulescu, D. Ioan, G. Ciuprina, A.S. Lup, M. Popescu

17:05 - 17:25
Coffee break

17:25 - 18:40
Session 4
Direct Simulation Monte Carlo of the Wigner transport equation
O. Muscato
Shape optimization of a permanent magnet synchronous machine under probabilistic constraints
P. Putek, E.J.W. ter Maten, M. Günther
Shape optimization of an induction heating device
G. Aiello, S. Alfonzetti, S.A. Rizzo, N. Salerno

9:00 - 10:40
Session 5
Description of the trajectories of quantum particles by a Quantum Lagrangian approach
Omar Morandi
Predictor/Corrector Newton-Raphson (PCNR): A Simple, Flexible, Scalable, Modular, and Consistent Replacement for Limiting in Circuit Simulation
K.V. Aadithya, E.R. Keiter, T. Mei
LinzFrame – A Modular Mixed-Level Simulator with Emphasis on Radio Frequency Circuits
K. Bittner, H.G. Brachtendorf, W. Schoenmaker

10:40 - 11:00
Coffee break

11:00 - 12:40
Session 6
Simulation of double gate graphene field effect transistors
G. Nastasi, V. Romano
A hydrodynamic model for 2D-3D electron transport in silicon devices
G. Mascali, V. Romano
Analysis and Numerical Solution of Piecewise Smooth Differential Algebraic Equations for Power Electronic Circuit Simulation
J. Tant, J. Driesen
Scalable Adaptive Numerical Simulation for Organic Thin Film Transistors
P.C. Africa, C. de Falco, D. Natali

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15:00 - 17:00
Social tour

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Social dinner

9:15 - 10:40
Session 7
Mario Saggio
Data Center Power
Tonio Biondi
Surface Charging Formulations for Engineering Applications. Validation by Experiments and Transient Models
A. Blaszczyk, T. Christen, H.K. Meyer, M. Schüller

10:40 - 11:00
Coffee break

11:00 - 12:40
Session 8
Topology and Shape Optimization of Electrical Machines
Peter Gangl
Electromagnetic stimulation chambers for cartilage regeneration
J. Zimmermann, U. van Rienen
Open Source Simulation Platform for Deep Brain Stimulation
K. Butenko, A. Böhme, U. van Rienen

12:40 - 14:40

14:40 - 16:20
Session 9
Techniques for Modeling Fiber Laser Amplifiers
Jay Gopalakrishnan
Optimized Schwarz methods for Helmholtz problems in a closed domain
N. Marsic, H. De Gersem
Isogeometric Simulation and Shape Optimization with Applications to Electrical Machines
P. Gangl, U. Langer, A. Mantzaflaris, R. Schneckenleitner

16:20 - 16:40
Coffee break

16:40 - 17:20
Poster shot gun presentation

17:20 - 19:00
Poster session

9:00 - 10:40
Session 10
Modeling mechanochemistry in Li-ion bateries
Bilen Emek Abali
Multiscale atomistic modeling for materials science applications
I. Deretzis, A. La Magna
Thermo-electrical analysis of indirect resistance heating furnaces combining numerical simulation and lumped models
A. Bermúdez, D. Gómez1, D. González- Peñas

10:40 - 11:00
Coffee break

11:00 - 13:05
Session 11
GCA-H^2 Matrix Compression for Electrostatic Simulations
Steffen Börm
Quasi-Schur Transformation for the Stable Compact Modeling of Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Devices
S. Hu, C. Yuan, T. Bechtold
An Unbiased Hybrid Importance Sampling Monte Carlo Approach for Yield estimation in Electronic Circuit Design
A.K. Tyagi, X. Jonsson, T.G.J. Beelen, W.H.A. Schilders
A mass-lumped mixed finite element method for Maxwell’s equations
H. Egger, B. Radu

13:05 -

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